Daily Dose of Coach #422: 3 Apps I Use Daily for Health and Performance

You may have heard the statement, "what gets measured, gets done."

This is true for everything, especially health and performance.

I wanted to share with you three apps I use daily to track three significant aspects of this: nutrition, sleep, and training.

App #1: Myfitnesspal

If you read my emails, you've heard me speak plenty about tracking food. Especially if your goal is to lose weight and/or improve your body composition (decrease body fat + increase muscle).

Tracking food through this app has always been a game-changer for me and, in my opinion, has been the biggest contributing factor I've seen in those who want to lose weight.

Myfitnesspal makes food tracking simple and easy. Once your body weight goal is established, it helps you determine the estimated calorie range you should take in daily, including your macronutrients (carbs, protein, fats)

As you scan foods on the barcode or put in your recipes, the app has almost every food you can imagine in its database. It lets you choose the number of servings and delivers to you the full nutrition content of what you just ate.

I use the premium version that gives you your macronutrient breakdown for every meal as well as lists the foods you ate highest in carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

The good thing about this app is the only device you need is your phone and is compatible with all software.

App #2: Pillow

In the past, I've used my Fitbit to track my sleep. However, between accuracy problems with the heart rate monitor, activity, and sleep tracking, I moved to the Apple Watch.

Yes, for Pillow, you will need an Apple Watch.

Anyway, the Pillow app is a free app that tracks your sleep through your watch. You set up your sleep time goal and let the tech do the work from there.

After each night of sleep, you'll be able to see how long you slept vs. actually time in bed, your sleep quality in a percentage form, and a breakdown of when you were awake, in light sleep, REM, and deep sleep.

In the free version, you can monitor this daily. You'll have to upgrade to the premium to check your history, see how your heart rate fluctuates throughout the night. Through that info, the app can help you find your optimal bedtime.

App #3: My Training App

This isn't necessarily a plug for my training app, but rather how I use it to track my training.

Just like the programs I design for my clients, I create each one of my plans in 8-12 week cycles. Or, I have my smart friends help me design and try new programs I've never done before.

No matter what, they can all live in my app, are scheduled and tracked every time I do them.

The app can track everything, including body weight, body composition, holds before and after photos, and can be directly linked to your Myfitnesspal account to track your daily calories.

The thing I love about the app that as it tracks your weights, it notifies you whenever you've performed a personal best in weight lifted or volume, as well as keeps your estimated one-repetition max.

To me, this is important because I base most of my training programs on percentages.

In the newest version, when you complete your workout, it asks you to rate the difficulty of the program. This helps with not just how hard the workout was, but can also be affected by how you are feeling that day.

All data is saved and easily retrieved and usable on the app.