Daily Dose of Coach #423: This is the Key to Good Nutrition

There's nothing magical about what I'm about to write.

But, when you do this, it's incredible how magical your meals and nutrition become.

When it comes to good nutrition, the primary key to success is planning.

If you want to eat well, if you wish to change your performance and health at the highest levels, you have to be able to take the time to plan.

The main problem people have with nutrition, especially with the greatest intentions is, they leave themselves open to the mercy of whatever food is available.

From that point, it's easy to make excuses based on convenience. But this doesn't work. Generally, the options you have aren't going to deliver what you need.

So what does it look like to plan your nutrition?

The first thing you can do is grab a piece of paper and start filling in these blanks:

Build your main three meals around a protein, vegetables, and a high-quality carbs. On Sunday, buy chicken, beef, pork, shrimp, eggs, or any other protein that you can build into your three meals per day.

By fresh vegetables, frozen vegetables, and high-quality carbs like oats, quinoa, sweet and white potatoes, chic peas, beans, ect.

You can use this awesome infographic by Precision Nutrition to see how to combine these and create the perfect meal.

Next, think about snacks, post-dinner foods, and post-workout shakes. I advise you to also build these around protein, fruits and veggies, drinkable protein, and nuts.

Get protein powder, a green-supplement powder, almond milk, chocolate milk, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and sweet peppers.

Think about foods that can travel with you to school or work like bananas, carrots, mixed nuts, pistachios, healthy bars, etc.

The goal with planning is to have the right option for your diet at every meal and every snack. How you put it together is on you and can take some time to get right.

Start planning how you are going to eat next week. If you read my emails, I know nutrition is important to you. Maybe you just haven't taken the extra time to sit down and figure out how you are going to make the change.