Daily Dose of Coach #424: The Hard Work Fallacy

We live in a feel-good world.

The environment we've created is about convenience, decreasing pain, and options.

Too many times, we think we have to love or enjoy the process we choose. If we don't, it must not be for us, right?


This year I'll be starting my 15th baseball MLB off-season. And as old faces start to come in the door, we exchange the "good-to-see-you's" and other pleasantries.

And though I develop great relationships with my players, most of the time, I'm not their favorite thing they come to every day. And they let me know it.

For over a decade of off-seasons, my friend and former MLB player Rickie Weeks would tell me, "I can't wait until the season starts so I don't have to see you anymore. " And over time, I've heard much worse.

This is the hard work fallacy. You don't have to like what you do to love what you do. And as an athlete, you need to accept this. Showing up to training, to practice, spending extra time working on your skills is not something you always like to do.

If fact, if you like it too much, the process you've chosen probably isn't challenging enough.

As the great Muhammad Ali expressed, "I hated every minute of training, but I said 'Don't Quit.' Suffer now and live the rest of your life a champion. "

Don't worry about liking what you're doing or having fun when it has to do with getting better. Show up, work hard, and I promise the fun will come when it counts the most.