Daily Dose of Coach #438: Pressure is a Privilege

“At Kentucky I learned all about pressure. Every single day there was unbelievable pressure to perform and it was very difficult. That pressure brought out the best in everybody. It forces you to rise early, stay up late, work as hard as you can possibly work because you’re under the influence. As my good friend says, ‘pressure is a privilege,’ and it certainly is.” Rick Pitino

Pressure is something that brings out the best in all of us.

As the competition rises, it causes us to either elevate our efforts or crumble in fear of not meeting the expectations.

Pressure is a privilege you cannot buy without living all the characteristics of toughness, self-belief, motivation, focus, and poise.

It will take you farther and teach you more about yourself than anything you’ll ever do.

A lot of times, we shy away from pressure. We put gravitate towards situations that make things easier on ourselves.

Instead, if you want to be great, look for every way possible to elevate yourself and add pressure to the situation.

As much as you can, put your back up against a wall and see what you're made of.