Daily Dose of Coach #439: Two Laws, Two Different Results

The Law of Diminishing Intent states, “The longer you wait to do something you should do NOW, the greater the odds you will never actually do it.”

How many things have you put off or are currently putting off that are getting easier and easier not to do?

One day you get on the scale, and it says 165lbs. Three months later, you are at 185lbs. You start to get concerned but do nothing about it. A year later, you are at 210lbs.

You’ve accepted this as your life. You HATE it, but you’ve allowed it.

In five more years, you are 230lbs pounds and have lost all motivation but gained all sorts of health problems.

This is just one example. The Law of Diminishing Intent slowly wreaks havoc on many decisions we leave to another day, health, relationships, personal growth, finances, etc.

It’s time to reverse that. Instead, put into action the Law of Inertia, which states, “You will remain at rest unless acted upon by an outside force.”

It does not state you remain at rest until you have intention. It says unless ACTED upon.

Internal decisions drive outside forces.

The whole idea of waiting to find some motivation is a pitfall. Forget motivation. Just do it.