Daily Dose of Coach #440: Supermarket Survival Guide

Am I the only person guilty of walking into a grocery store at the end of their day, with no idea what you're going to buy, and have basically nothing left in your house to eat (or so we think)?

My grocery store instructions are usually diapers, something to eat for dinner for my wife and I, something to eat for the kids (because, of course, they won't eat what we eat), and anything else we may be missing in the moment.

In the back of my head I know we need much more. How about vegetables and proteins? How about good carbs and something healthy to snack on during the day, so I'm not starving by dinner? How about anything that saves me from showing up to this place five times during the week?

I struggle with the same things many of you do when it comes to grocery shopping. And just like anything else, it's all about preparation.

When I'm on it, I get this right, and knock it all out in one visit per week. I follow what I've learned as a nutrition client and coach, and it makes a world of difference in how well I eat for that week. I'm sure you've made the same observation with yourself.

To help you out I've provided a link to Precision Nutrition's Supermarket Survival Guide . I refer to this often when I grocery shop and it's something I try to help my nutrition clients with.

This guide will help you get back on track. It has everything from how to prepare your list, to lists of fruits and veggies, lean protein, good fats and quality starches. It also provides a label reading checklist and what to look for and avoid.

Hope this helps!