Daily Dose of Coach #372: The Nutritional Heirarchy of Importance

There are a few simple questions you need to ask yourself throughout the day regarding your nutrition.

These questions form the nutritional hierarchy of importance. This list is prioritized one through six and provides simple questions and answers to improve the quality of your nutrition throughout the day:

#1: How much am I eating?: Only try to eat until satisfied, don't stuff your self until you can't move, and use the portion guides I've sent in the past.

#2: How am I eating?: Eat slowly, take your time with each bite. Eat mindfully without distraction. In my opinion, this is the hardest one.

#3: Why am I eating?: Try and ask yourself this with each meal. When I do this on the weekend, a lot of times it's because I was sitting and watching a game and decided I wanted food with it. I didn't eat because I was hungry. I ate because I was bored. Ask if yourself if you are eating because you are hungry, stressed, or in social situations just eating like everyone else. There's always a reason, try to be mindful of it.

#4: What am I eating?: Are you eating vegetables and good carbs like fruits and healthy starches? Are you eating lean protein and healthy fats? Or are you eating cardboard carbs and lots of processed foods?

#5: Am I doing #1 and #4 properly: The goal is doing these two 80% well before moving on to anything else.

#6: When am I eating?: Are you eating throughout the day? Are you eating healthy snacks and make good choices after dinner? Are you eating breakfast and replenishing yourself after workouts?

This is a hierarchy. So, start asking yourself question number one for the first week. Try only eating until satisfied at every meal. Once you get this down, move to number two and so forth.