Daily Dose of Coach #373: Talent Isn't Everything

I've worked with some amazingly talented athletes over the years.

But what I've found is the majority of these athletes often fail to ascend to the level of their talent. They are tempted to coast on their abilities.

Often it's because of small decisions they decide NOT to make. Because of their talent, they believe that they can just show up, don't play by the same rules as everyone else, and even owed something.

I've had athletes that their talent separates them by so much, they CAN just show up and beat everyone!

But there are levels to this.

Steven King said, "Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates talented individuals from the successful one is a lot of hard work."

Talent is much more common than you think. Eventually, you run into the same pool of talent, and then all the little things you didn't do leave you exposed.

Peter Drucker affirmed, " The key choices you make--apart from the natural talent you already have--will set you apart from others who have talent alone."

Here are a few of those key choices:
1- The choice to always be on time.

2- The choice to work harder than anyone in the room

3- The choice to put out your greatest effort in all things

4- The choice to maintain positive and confident body language

5-The choice to bring energy and enthusiasm

6- The choice to have a great attitude

7- The choice to be passionate about what you do

8- The choice to be coachable

9 - The choice to do just a little bit more

10 - The choice of being fully prepared