Daily Dose of Coach #387: Where to Eat Out

I should have re-shared this site at the beginning of the summer.

It's called www.healthydiningfinder.com .

But, while many vacations have completed or you're wrapping up traveling all over the country for travel baseball or AAU basketball, this site can still come in handy.

It's challenging to eat healthy when eating out. In my experience, there aren't many times when you show up to a restaurant saying, "I'm not that hungry." Usually, dining out leads to poor choices because of hunger, lack of options, or not knowing what type of requests to make the option healthier.

On this website, you can put in the zip code of the current area you are visiting. It then provides restaurant options, their menus, nutritional facts, and even which items you can make healthier with special requests.

When choosing your meal, try to follow the guidelines of one or two servings of lean protein, one serving of vegetable and/or fruit and one serving of high quality-carbohydrate (grains, high-fiber). Stay away from soda's, sugary drinks, and do your best to stick with the best deal at every restaurant, free water.

And, unless you're not a 15-year-old kid looking to put on muscle, stick to my favorite vacation or dining out rule: eat to 80% full. This will help you eat more consciously, at a slower pace, and save you from what's so easy to do when eating out, over-eating.