Daily Dose of Coach #359: The Anchor of Nutrition Skills

All great skills have a foundational level. Nutrition skills are no different.

And this anchor skill comes way before learning how to shop, cook or getting your macros right.

It's also the foundational skill of my nutrition coaching. In fact, it's the first skill you learn to master.

It's foundational, but it's not easy. Each time I've went through the coaching program it's been the most difficult one for me to master.

The skill is eating slowly.

I'm talking about taking your time while you're eating, savoring every morsel, putting down your utensils between bites, not having any distractions (like your phone or TV), and being completely present with your food.

Without thought, I typically schedule no time frame to eat. So I'm doing what most people do. Grabbing something as I run out the door, eating between clients or meetings, or stuffing my face as fast as possible because I'm watching TV and not even thinking about it. Sound familiar?

So why eat slow?

First, it takes about 20 minutes for your satiety signals to show up. This helps you have a better feel for when you're indeed full. When you crush your food, these signals don't get a chance to process correctly; thus you have a much higher tendency to overeat.

2nd, when you take your time and savor your food, you tend to feel more satisfied with less food.

3rd, if you commit to eat slow, you'll tend to eat better foods. There's a big difference between taking your time, enjoying whole and nutritious foods, rather than trying to savor something processed.

4th, it helps with digestive issues. When you eat slowly, there's much less cramping, bloating, and feeling sick after overeating.

5th, it gives you time to be present without any distractions other than maybe your thoughts. Or, it can allow you to be more present with others, engaging in great conversation with family and friends.

So give this a try and if you'd like to take it to another level and advance your nutrition skills to a pro level, check out ProCoach link below.