Daily Dose of Coach #361: No Wasted Reps

"Winning is the science of being totally prepared." George Allen

I will never forget the day my high school basketball coach told me, “Never shoot a basketball without the intention of getting better.” At the time, my teammates and I were screwing around in practice, shooting pointless shots, wasting not only our time but our coach’s time.

An earful from that lesson completely changed my perception on how to go about practice. From that point on, every time I picked up a basketball, every time I shot a ball, it was to get better.

Quickly, I learned this small piece of coaching applied to how you excel in anything. From school to sports, to my profession, I learned that time spent in diligent practice paid high dividends.

Coach John Wooden believed that his strength as a coach materialized from his diligent preparation.

In his book, Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success: Building Blocks for a Better Life, he spoke of his dedication to planning practice and how it was the most vital part of their success as a team. He wrote, “I spent two hours with my staff planning each practice. Each drill was calculated to the minute. Every aspect of the session was choreographed, including where the practice balls would be placed. I did not want any time lost by people running over to a misplaced ball bin.”

If you want to be great, prepare for everything — no wasted reps.