Daily Dose of Coach #363: Movement and Posture with Aging

A client and I just had a conversation about how the degree of difficulty changes with simple movements as we age.

It reminded me of an article I read on strengthcoach.com called the "Dynamic Dozen." It goes through 12 movements important in active aging.

The first is posture-breathing-alignment in motion. This is the foundation of all other movements and should be kept safe, protected, and in-check as we age.

The author, Pat Van Galen, suggests asking yourself the following questions.

1. Do my posture and alignment allow for efficient and deep diaphragmatic breathing?

2. Can I rotate my torso and arch my spine?

3. Can I raise both arms overhead without pain?

4. Can I look over my shoulder without turning my entire torso?

5. Could I crawl on my belly or all-4s if I had to?

Maintaining posture is essential in all stages of life. But as you age, and/or spend less time being active, this greatly affects static and dynamic posture.

It also affects breathing and gait.

And what about crawling? If you can crawl, you can actively sync your shoulders, torso and hips. Sounds easy, but you'd be surprised how many adults struggle with this simple movement.

Your goal should be to get up and move more and do it comfortably. If you are unable to complete the list above, practicing movement is at a critical level.

I would suggest getting some help from a qualified movement specialist or physical therapist (for pain related to these movements).

These movements are important for positive active aging. The inability to check off any one of these could lead to injury and a slippery slope of poor movement patterns and pain.