Daily Dose of Coach #368: What Should You Eat?

Good morning from Colorado! Vacation here means lots of outdoor fun, time with my family, and plenty of food!

My goal on vacations or when I go out of town is never to be 100% on my diet. However, I don't want to eat unconsciously, devouring anything that is placed in front of me.

Making conscious food choices doesn't have to be left for only vacations and when traveling. Asking yourself these questions with every food choice is the key to changing your health and performance nutrition.

So what should you eat?

In a Precision Nutrition coaching lesson I recently completed it encouraged us to go through these questions:

-How is the food I'm about to eat made?

-What is in the food (Or, not in the food)?

-Do I know all the ingredients of the food?

-How does this food affect my body? How will I feel after eating this food?

-Could I change this food at all to be a bit more nourishing?

-Is there a healthy alternative I can choose for this food?

-Under the circumstances, is this food the best available choice?

-Is this food easy or difficult to eat slowly and consciously?

You don't have to be perfect with what you eat, but you should attempt to be conscious. Having a small bank of knowledge on types of foods, ways they are cooked, how to look at food labels, and being able to run through a few questions above will help know what to eat.

After that, it's up to you to make that decision.

Want even more help; here's an awesome infographic called "What to Eat." It provides a spectrum on what to eat more or, what to eat less of, and base food choices on your goals.