Daily Dose of Coach #370: Mistrust Your Critics

If you're not content with yourself, you'll stop taking those little steps forward and big steps backward." Greg Maddux, Hall of Fame Pitcher

I've worked with quite a few MLB player's who have faced Greg Maddux in their career. The consensus has always been, he's the best pitcher they've ever faced.

What most people don't know is Maddux wasn't recruited by any major colleges and passed by every single team in the first round of the draft.

He didn't have a fastball that peaked scouts interest. He would hit 90 MPH only on occasion and even as a pro, only topped out in the mid to high 80's.

Though Maddux didn't fit the mold of an elite pitcher to scouts, he never doubted himself.

He believed that real pitching talent was the ability to change speeds, find hitters weaknesses, and have pinpoint accuracy on the outsides of the strike zone. He possessed and developed that talent.

Where talent scouts recognized him as a sub-par pitcher because of his velocity and size, he turned that into a strength. That strength led him to be arguably the best pitcher of all time.

I specifically remember watching Maddux growing up. I grew up an LA Dodger and Colorado Rockies fan. Whenever Maddux faced us, I remember just feeling hopeless. He seemed to deal us out of every game. And he did it throwing 84 MPH fastballs! I'm not sure if I'll ever witness anything like his greatness again.

Don't believe your critics.

You may not be on the "radar" because of perceived limitations in talent.

But talents come in many forms and if you believe you have it, maximize it, and have confidence in yourself.