Daily Dose of Coach #401: As Far As Supplements Go...

Here's a very typical conversation with a new online or personal client. Their goal could be to lose weight. It could be to get into better shape. Or, it could even be an athlete looking to start a strength program.

New Client: "Now that I'm ready to get started what supplements do I need to take? Protein, that's important, right? Creatine? Should I take a pre-workout? Aren't those bad for you? What about fat burners, my aunt takes those and swears by them?"

Me: "Unless you have the basics down first, none of them."

My online nutrition coaching calls this mowing the lawn with your house on fire. It's easy to get lost in all the nutrition and supplement information out there and focus on the wrong things. Instead, let's address the most critical issues first.

Here are five things to nail down first before jumping on the supplement ship:

-1- If losing weight is your goal: Eat slowly, until 80% full

-2- If gaining weight is your goal: Eat regularly and enough to support your activity, consistently

-3- Eat good quality food, consistently

-4- Be active, regularly

-5- Do the right things, consistently.

So before you go spending a ton of money on supplements because the kid at GNC told you this is the hottest supplement out there, nail the basics first.