Daily Dose of Coach #403: The Enemy of Next

"Staying the same is the enemy of next." Kevin Eastman

Anyone I know who has accomplished a goal, feat, or major accomplishment understands the importance of next.

No matter failure or success, those who live with a what's next approach, have their mindset on constant improvement.

I like to say, "you're either getting better, or getting worse." This means there is no in-between. There is no staying the same. You are either progressing or regressing. And, it's impossible to get to the next level without this desire to change.

This applies to me as someone who has failed and continued to move forward in business, to a kid who, despite their best effort, did not make their team.

You learn from this. You figure out what is missing. Your next step is improvement in that area.

The greatest competitors take two, three, and even four steps to take themselves to even higher levels.

While others are wasting time away, saying the same (even if they are good), those with the next mindset have a plan for improvement and are executing daily.

You can't change the circumstances around you. You can only change your focus, effort and, consistent execution.

Or as Leo Tolstoy said, "Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself."

What have you learned from your failures and successes? Who is helping you be honest with yourself? How important is it to you, that you are willing to make the changes to get to the next level?

Don't get comfortable in your success. Don't lament in your defeats. Get over yourself or get over your losses and focus improvement through what you will do next.