Daily Dose of Coach #404: Secrets Of The Lean

Here's a great article I'd like to share with all of you. It's by the Poliquin Group called, "9 Secrets of the Effortlessly Lean."

I bullet pointed the 9 secrets, but when you get a chance, read it. There's a lot of excellent and simple info on shedding and keeping off body fat.

· - Maintain muscle mass through training and diet. Never do slow cardio to reduce body fat.

· - Avoid "deadline eating" in favor of a sustainable lifestyle change

· - Focus on the food quality rather than quantity

· - Eat to fight stress. A high protein, low sugar diet will elevate your mood and reduce stress hormones like cortisol that makes your body store fat.

· - Know that hormones matter more than calories and use it to your advantage

· - Figure out a way to eat, so you enjoy your food instead of obsessing over off-limit food or getting sidetracked by the minutiae of your diet

· - Be consistent. Eat the same basic stuff day after day, year after year, instead of continually overhauling your diet and lifestyle.

· - Take responsibility for your results.

· - Believe and commit