Daily Dose of Coach #405: Good Morning Protein

I 've experimented with a lot of breakfast foods. Some, because I was too tired to make anything and just did the old "grab and go."

Sometimes I didn't eat anything to see how long it would take before I crashed (bad idea).

Many times I've made the standard breakfast of oatmeal, fruit, milk or almond milk.

But my favorite and most effective is my protein breakfast. This consists of almost entirely protein and fats with some carbs.

Why? Because having a substantial portion of protein for breakfast helps control your appetite all day long.

While carbohydrate dominate meals will satisfy your appetite for the time being, protein will keep your hunger satisfied through the day. This helps with getting those drastic cravings that make you want to eat bad cabs and sugars.

Protein does a lot of things for our body. It helps build and repair almost all the tissues in our bodies, as well as helps to synthesize important hormones, boosts our metabolism, and, as stated above, helps us feel more satisfied in our meals!

Experiment with it and see if it changes your hunger cravings throughout the day. My go-to is 3-5 eggs and 1/2 avocado. That's anywhere from 18-35 g of protein, plus a little fat and fiber from the avocado to help curve those mid-morning or mid-day hunger pains even more.

If you don't like whole eggs you can try a protein shake, protein pancakes or waffles, egg white scramble with some fresh veggies, Greek Yogurt with fruit and nuts, smoked salmon or turkey on toast, few strips of regular or turkey bacon, or throw some peanut butter on some toast and wash it down with a glass of protein-rich milk or chocolate milk.

Give it a try. And if you have any other breakfast protein options, I'd love to hear about them.