Daily Dose of Coach #393: The Athlete, the Entrepreneur, and Responsibility

Excuses wreak havoc in the young mind.

I believe it's difficult for that mind to grasp the concept of time. Meaning, they think they have more time than they do to accomplish their goals.

This is where a sense of personal responsibility must be forever present.

Young athletes. It's your responsibility to do all the things you need to do to be great, not your parents. Your parents may provide you the resources, but you have to be responsible in not just attendance, but effort and focus.

I tell people all the time the toughest thing about being an entrepreneur is you are responsible for EVERYTHING.

Being an athlete is no different. Your parents may drive you, but beyond that, it's all you.

It drives me insane when a young and talented kid won't train in the morning because they "can't" wake up. I ask them, "The pros showed up this morning, and you can't. Are you better than them??

Wasting time in practice or training is another pet peeve of mine. When you are training, or in practice, every repetition counts. Responsible athletes focus on doing the right things at the right intensity all the time.

The great Pat Summit, who won eight national championships with the University of Tennessee said, "If you don't want to be responsible, don't sit in the big chair. To be successful you must accept full responsibility."

If you don't want to be your best, make excuses and put it on others to be responsible for your success. But if you're going to be great, embrace that you are responsible for EVERYTHING. Let this reflect in all things: attitude, effort, timeliness, focus, commitment, and leadership.