Daily Dose of Coach #394: The 40% Rule

"The only way you're ever going to get to the other side of this journey is by suffering. You have to suffer in order to grow. Some people get it, some people don't." David Goggins

I love the saying, "If it's too hard for them, it's just right for us." Or the Navy Seals motto of, "If it doesn't suck, we don't do it."

Only those with this mindset can accomplish the most in their life. While the majority are chasing pleasure and distraction, these types of thinkers are looking for their next fight.

There's a rule called the 40% rule. It says, "when the mind is telling you you're done, you're only 40% done."

This applies to everything you do in your life. As a coach and someone who pretty much lives in gyms, I see people training at 40% (if that) every day and act like they're dying.

We're continually seeking pleasure or distraction to stop any pain, discomfort, or boredom. This happens at work, with your family, with your training, everything. The results are mediocrity, regret, excuses, and blame.

If you're tired of being something you're not, embrace everything that sucks about getting there. Choose the steep path and prove to yourself you can do it. And remember when you think you're done, you're not done, you have 60% left. Learn to find that next 60% in everything you do.