Daily Dose of Coach #412: Can You Do This?

I often say if I was stranded on an island and I could only do one exercise, it would be the Turkish Get-Up . It incorporates just about everything essential in fundamental human movement from mobility to strength to coordination.

Physical Therapist and movement guru, Grey Cook, in an article named The Great Equalizers, wrote:

"The Turkish Get-Up challenges three levels of competency or capacity, and it will usually expose them in the order they need to be corrected. Let’s consider these three points as equal contributions of a complete physical perspective or the three equal slices that make up the complete circle.

Minimal movement competency—fundamental mobility and stability

Minimal physical capacity—strength, endurance, coordination

Technical competency—education and execution of a movement skill

In the video in this link , you'll see this woman doing a TGU with a shoe on her fist displaying movement competency, physical capacity, and technical competency.

If you're interested in just how well your body is functioning, grab a shoe, drop down to the floor and do a Turkish Get-Up with a shoe on your fist.

Do 2-3 repetitions each side. Go slowly through each step.

Notice the differences in how your body moves on one side compared to the other. If you can't keep the shoe balanced on your fist, notice at what part of the movement it falls to the ground.

Let me know how it goes.