Daily Dose of Coach #420: Getting Rid of Crap Carbs and Sugar

I am currently trying two get two things out of my life, crap carbs, and refined sugars.

Crap carbs are processed carbs (or, to keep things simple for myself; any bread). Refined sugars are sweets like ice cream, candies, pastries, etc.

Picking up food for my kids last night already had me tempted. As I drove home with the smell of Chic-Fila Waffle fries in my car, it was damn near impossible not to reach over and just grab one. But, I didn't.

There are plenty of reasons to not eat crap carbs and refined sugar. Many times it's training our brain and our taste buds to help us accomplish this.

There's a great article called, Seven Uncomplicated Ways to Re-Train Your Tastebuds and Eat less Sugar , by the Poliquin Group. It dives into why we can't seem to get enough sugar and how food companies take full advantage of this.

It then gives this list of seven ways to take in less sugar:

1- Don't add sugar to food or beverages

2- Replace processed carbs with complex carbs

3- Read all food labels

4- Plan meals around whole protein instead of carb-based foods

5- Avoid all sweetened beverages and fruit juice

6- Minimize fructose intake

7- Accept that there is no healthy sugar.

Looking at this list, I'm sure you can find one or two you could improve on. For me, it's planning meals around whole protein and simply replacing processed with complex carbs.

Reducing the sugar in your life is never an easy thing to do. But it may be the best thing for your health and performance.