Daily Dose of Coach #407: Grip Strength and Hurricanes

As Hurricane Dorian starts up the Florida coast, I'm writing this from the comfort of a Walt Disney World Hotel. I guess our escape of Dorian and these few days of uncertainty had led to a bit of a staycation.

My escape reminded me that I need to renew my nutrition certification. And in going over the material I came across one of my favorite parts of the textbook.

It reads, "It means that if your grip is strong, you're probably strong. If you're strong, you probably have lots of lean body mass, strong connective tissues, a good dense skeleton, and motor control to recruit all these things. If all that stuff works well, the rest of your systems are probably working well too."

What a fantastic passage. Grip strength rules. It is the end of our strength. Pick heavy things up. Be able to hang from or pull yourself up on a bar. Grip strength is a better predictor of healthy aging than your cardiovascular strength (VO2 max), your flexibility, and your balance!

And if you happen to be in a hurricane or have to pick trees up with your bare hands in the clean-up, grip strength becomes a superpower.