Daily Dose of Coach #421: The Humility Trait

"As a leadership trait, humility is a heart attitude that reflects a keen understanding of your limitations to accomplish something on your own. It gives credit to forces other than your own knowledge or effort when a victory is won or an obstacle is overcome." Ken Blanchard

Peyton Manning is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

In 2014, he threw his 509th touchdown pass, surpassing Brett Farve as the all-time leader.

As a fan of Manning and the Denver Broncos it was incredible to witness. But, what I found even more incredible was how one of the classiest players ever to play the game handled his success.

When Manning threw 508 and tied the record, rather than celebrating he went back to the bench and started preparing for the next drive looking at coverages and talking to his coaches.

The next possession, Manning threw touchdown 509 putting himself alone on top of the record books. As the night concluded, the Broncos walked off the field with a victory over the 49ers.

After the game, Manning was able to celebrate with his teammates in the locker room getting the game ball from coach John Fox. In his post-game speech , Manning with all the humility and grace in the world said this:

"Great team effort guys. Obviously, this is a special night. But it's only special because the way we played on both sides of the ball. That was a great team win. Let's keep it going, and I'm honored to be your teammate. I appreciate you guys very much, let's break it down..."

Peyton Manning possesses the greatest quality a leader can have, humility. Humility has allowed Peyton Manning to utilize his God-given talent and opportunities, passion and work ethic and turn it into being considered one of the greatest to ever play.

After multiple neck surgeries, super-bowl losses, and getting ousted by the team who drafted him, Manning continued to be true to himself.

It's much more than throwing touchdowns. The records are all due to the preparation, the hours of work, the leadership he exemplified, the passion for mastering his craft and making others better around him.

The very best become the very best because of humility.

As leadership author John Maxwell says: People with a lot of talent often perform at a high level, but the greatest--the absolute best of the best--achieve the highest heights because they possess the spirit of learning."

Approach what you do with humility. Let every set-back lead you to a learning opportunity. Embrace the work and effort you have to give to be the best. Appreciate and thank all those around you who make it possible for you to succeed.