Daily Dose of Coach #409: Athletes, "Out-Do" Others in This

Young athletes love to boast and post about the "grind" and "hard-work" to their friends and especially on social media.

Here you'll see videos of them doing drills, working out, or pictures and videos of something showcasing their efforts.

That's great! But if you really want to separate yourself, out-do others in the small and boring things that don't get as much love as the "grind.”

Strength coach Eric Cressey posted a few weeks ago, "If teenage athletes want to take a big step forward in development, it would be wise to "out-sleep" and "out-eat" their peers. These two things are powerful magnifiers of everything they do in skill development and strength and conditioning.

It may not be as cool to focus your efforts on eating well and getting more sleep. But it's a game-changer. As a young athlete, these may seem unnecessary. But early commitment to these will yield big results in what you are trying to achieve as an athlete.

Not only this, but it will help you start to develop the habits of a high performer NOW! Not a few years down the road when you realize just how important they are.

Let everyone else "out-do" each other on social media with the "grind" posts. You focus on nutrition and sleep, magnifying your abilities and developing the habits of an elite performer.