Daily Dose of Coach #69

Happy Monday everyone! Today it's important to understand that if fat loss is your goal there are two things that really make it happen.  

First, fat must be released from adipose tissue where you've stored it.  If you remember a few days ago, I spoke about how simple sugar is like the pad lock to stored fat. So eating these simple sugars does not allow this to happen.

The second is, once fat leaves it's storage area, it is sent into muscle to be burned. Hence, the reason why you should develop muscle mass if you want to burn fat.

Many programs I develop for those with the goal of fat loss and those who are looking to improve their physical capacity are similar.  Muscle development is the engine that runs both. The main difference is how they eat. 

Picture yourself with a donut in one hand and weight in the other.  Now, put the donut down and lift the weight.