Daily Dose of Coach #76

There are a couple things that I tell people that they don't understand completely.  One of them has to do with motivation. When training people I've often challenged them to the point where they felt as I might be discouraging. 

For example, if someone does something and thinks very highly of what they did, I might tell them "That's good, but not great. You want to be great don't you?"  Depending on the person they've responded differently. Some look at is as discouragement saying, "Well that's not very motivating, you're supposed to motivate me coach." 

No, actually I'm not.  When they say this, I tell them, "If I have to motivate you, you're already done."  Meaning, if you can't motivate yourself, there is no way you have a chance on reaching that level of greatness you talk about. I'm not your motivation crutch, you have to get that yourself.

Motivation has got to be an inside job.  It's not up to me to do that.  I can encourage, inspire and challenge you.  Real motivation is all about what is inside of of you.  This is a necessary ingredient that drives everything that you do. You have to constantly find that motivation daily.  It's not something that just stays with you, it's something that must be constantly nourished and fed. 

It's not always fun to get up at 5:15AM and write. But I do, because I'm motivated to become a better writer and in the meantime help out my clients and friends with any inspiration I can give them.  It's not fun for you to show up to a gym everyday and work your butt off.  If it is, then you're probably not working hard enough for the goals you want to achieve.