Daily Dose of Coach #77

Why Low Carb Diets Suck.

I wanted to write about this for the simple reason that it is still asked to me, all the time, if a low carb diet is a good idea to lose weight.  Yes, if you cut your carbs you will lose weight.  And besides walking around like a zombie and hating your life, you might start to feel pretty good about yourself...for a couple weeks.

Carbs are converted to glucose much easier than fat and protein.  This is important because not only is your body fueled by glucose but it's also your brain's favored energy source. You store glucose in the blood, liver and muscles as the compound glycogen and each molecule is stored with approximately 2 grams of water. So when you cut carbs, you cut your carb stores which also includes double it's weight in water.

The rapid weight loss most people get so excited about is all water weight.  Not only this, but without carbs to refill your glycogen stores, your body starts breaking down muscle tissue for the next source of stored glycogen.  Sometimes we call this getting skinny fat.

When you finally decide to take a big bite of that piece of bread, your body has no idea what to do with it and turns it into fatty acids. Your body actually gets carbohydrate dumb and turns it into fat.  Then when your body finally figures it out, it starts storing glycogen with water again and all your water weight comes back. 

So what are you left with?  Less muscle, more fat, and either more weight or the same weight in water you were before.

Just so you know. This is why low carb diets suck.