Daily Dose of Coach #162: Another Case for Grip Strength


There's a lot to be proud of when you are the primary jar opener in your family. When people hand me a jar, I am always happy to open it. There's just a great satisfaction that comes with making something someone thought was impossible, look so easy. However, I quickly follow this feat with a grip strength lecture to the person who handed me the jar.

I don't think I can share enough about grip strength with you. If you know me, there's a good chance you're saying, "Okay Jeff, we get it with the grip strength thing." But once again, I'm such a believer in it for health, performance and even mortality, my annoyance on this subject will never cease.

So you can imagine when I ran into an Brett Jones's article called Get a Grip! Why Your Hand Strength Matters , I had to read and share.

This wasn't the typical article explaining mortality with grip strength. Instead it explained the huge part our hands play in the cerebral cortex, "the area of the brain that is responsible for processing to sensory and motor function."

The article summarized how grip strength is a great indicator of health, how important our hands are in interacting with our environment and explained the best way to add grip strength is not by isolating grip strength, but building it through training routines that include Deadlifts, Farmer Walks, Pull-Ups and Kettlebell Swings.