Daily Dose of Coach #165: Think On This

I realized at a young age that winning was the ultimate form of athletic expression. And to win regularly, I would have to subordinate my individual goals so my team would be able to win. As a result, I became leader who understood that doing the most for my team would best guarantee success. To get there, I had to get past a lot of things that weren’t really vital to winning but that made me feel good—like taking shots. I can’t emphasize this enough.”

Bill Russell

It’s easy to get caught up in statistics. It’s easy to get caught up in “ look at me .” But that component doesn’t fit in a formula for winning as a team. Winners do whatever they have to do. They sacrifice taking the shot. They make the extra pass. They play harder than anyone else on defense. They accept the challenge of guarding the best player on the team. Why? To simply give their team the best chance to win.