Daily Dose of Coach #168: How Do You Compare?

If you're looking for a place to find how your strength compares in different lifts, strengthlevel.com is a pretty cool site.

It has a huge data base of people who have put in their numbers and have been able to set up standards from elite to beginner for 15 barbell lifts, 4 body weight exercises, 6 Olympic lifts, and dumbbell lifts as well.

When you select an exercise, add a your age, weight and reps it gives you: 1-5 Stars depending on the strength level, gives you a percentage of lifters you are stronger than for your age range, and gives your relative strength number (how much your lift is divided by your body weight).

If improving your strength and setting goals to improve strength are important to you, check out this site, put in your stats and let me know how I can help you.

Here's an estimation on a few of mine:

Bench Press - 4 Stars, 80% stronger than age group, 1.45x my body weight

Squat - 2 Stars, 45% stronger than age group, 1.45x my body weight

Deadlift - 3 Stars 50% stronger than age group, 1.73x my body weight

Shoulder Press - 3 Stars, 48% stronger than age group, .76x my body weight