Daily Dose of Coach #172: The Cool Factor


This post is a little different than the ordinary. It speaks of success in life and sport, but not my typical mindset stuff. I've often said, you can get pretty far in life by just being "cool." By cool, I don't mean acting like your something that you're not, or being arrogant. It's actually quite the opposite. Being cool means being enjoyable to be around, having some charisma and making the people around you feel better.

As I'm writing this, I know my wife is going to tell me to take my own advice. Personality wise, I'm a driven individual who is naturally introverted. But, when it comes to work or needing to get things done, I can throw out some charm and extroversion. My personality score using the DISC test concurred.

We've all been around those individuals that are hard to be around. We've worked with them, we've played sports with them, some of us probably live with them. When I speak to young trainers I try to help them understand that by just being cool will get you farther than anything else. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of terrible trainers who are cool that have more clients than really good trainers who think they are smart and awesome.

I ran into an article the other day called, 11 Habits of Ridiculously Likable People. You could replace "likable" with "cool" and get the same article. You can read the article in the link or I've written out the 11 below. If you are doing these, more than likely you're going to get others to like you. And when others like you they do things for you, they buy from you, they promote you, and support you in many ways.

These are all communication skills. So anyone can improve and become better at them. Yes, your personality is what it is, but you can always work on improving your cool factor by getting better at the list below.

Likeable people....

  1. Are genuine
  2. Ask thoughtful questions
  3. Don't pass judgement
  4. Don't seek attention
  5. Are consistent
  6. Use positive body language
  7. Leave a strong first impression
  8. Greet people by name
  9. Smile
  10. Know who to touch (and they touch them)
  11. Balance passion and fun