Daily Dose of Coach #174: 156 Pounds in 365 Days

An article recently featured on Yahoo Lifestyle profiled a young man named Gunner. He shared his story on how he lost 156 pounds in one year. You can see the article here . I've also highlighted some of the things I thought may encourage you in your journey to a lifestyle change.


  • Was overweight and lethargic most of his life. Realized he needed to make a lifestyle change to accomplish his goals.
  • At 24, made a decision to live a healthier and more active life. He realized the only way it was going to happen was with putting in the effort.
  • He began by attacking with a persistent mindset.
  • He walked 3 to 4 miles per day and lost 40lbs in the first four months.
  • Lowered calories as much as he could in a healthy way, stopped drinking soda and eating bad carbs.
  • Rules: no sugar, no bread, no salt.
  • Diet was mostly chicken, rice, eggs, protein shakes and salads.
  • When he hit a plateau, he went vegetarian and did some intermittent fasting.
  • He then added weight training in to his program.
  • It took four or five months from there to see any visual changes.
  • There's nothing magic about accomplishing this goal. The only thing you need is a clear mindset, patience and consistency.

I hope this has encouraged any of you who have been struggling with change. It's possible. You just have to have a reason greater than your excuses, decide to do it, be consistent, be patient and be relentless about achieving your goal.