Daily Dose of Coach #157: Making Veggies Better


"Eat your vegetables."

Easy to say, but the culinary, botanical delight is usually the hardest thing for us to put down when we are attempting to change our diet.

I can't tell you the amount of times that people tell me that they don't do vegetables unless it's something like lettuce on a cheeseburger. And with young athletes, it's even worse. Vegetables, many times, don't exist in their diet, and sometimes never really have.

There's no reason to dive into the depth of the important role in human nutrition vegetables play. We know the deal. They are only low in fat and carbohydrates, but also high in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. They are essentially some of the best, bang for your buck, material you can put in your body.

To be honest, vegetable's don't really excite me either. I find them to be rather boring. I eat them, but wouldn't say I enjoy them. However, I did find an awesome infographic by Precision Nutrition in an article named, "3 Steps to Loving and Preparing Your Veggies." By following this article, it's given me a simple way to prepare, make them less boring and actually enjoy my veggies.

In the article it challenges you to:

  1. Choose a vegetable you've avoided in the past or have been a little afraid to try
  2. Compliment the vegetable: By selecting a salty, spicy, or sour flavor to add
  3. Cushion the vegetable: By selecting a sweet or fat flavor.

Next you pick your method of preparation. You can either eat them raw, steamed, sauteed or braised. And it finishes with giving you few sample combos to try! Check it out.