Daily Dose of Coach #158: Your Goals Are Too Small


"If people aren't laughing at your goals, they're too small." Azim Premji

Emmitt Smith is arguably the greatest running back of all-time. A 3-time Super Bowl Champion, Superbowl MVP, 8-time NFL leading rusher, NFL MVP, NFL's all-time leading rusher, NFL's all-time leading in touchdowns and carries, it's always a good argument.

He's been known as the ultimate overachiever. It was not just his talent and work ethic, but his vision of where exactly he wanted to go that helped him achieve this level of greatness in his craft.

When Emmitt Smith was a rookie a story was told by one of his former teammates James Washington. "He just got drafted and we were about to play dominos at his house. I grab a piece of paper and he was kind of embarrassed. He was like, don't use that paper. And I look down and the piece of paper had three goals written on it. They were:

  1. Be the NFL leading rusher
  2. Be the team MVP
  3. Go to the Probowl

This was young man who had not even stepped on a field who hadn't even into practiced yet."

He achieved one of these his rookie year. But in the years to follow, these would become the minimum of what he would do season after season.

Where you are right now is based on, first your thoughts and then your actions.

If you set goals, they may be too small. There's a book I recently read called the 10X Rule which stated, "You must set targets for yourself that are 10x more than you think you want and then take 10x the action required to get there."

As a rookie, Emmitt Smith should have just been concerned with making the team and maybe getting the starting job. Instead, he set goals that only seemed achievable by and established vet. The most important thing wasn't what he wrote down, but also the massive amount work he put in to get there.

Check your goals. Quit playing small. Any goal you set is going to be difficult to achieve, so why not set it ridiculously high and go after it.