Daily Dose of Coach #178: My Cardio Go To

I'm not much for doing continuous exercise for 30-45 minutes. Like you probably feel, it bores the pants off of me too. So about a year ago I started doing a cardio workout that challenged me in all types of ways. It wasn't as boring and something I could try to improve each time I did it.

Yesterday, I made the mistake of doing it a couple of hours before trick or treating. Walking around just wasn't as enjoyable when you're legs still have a burning sensation. If you do this workout at a good intensity, you're more than likely going to want to sit down and get your legs up for a while. At least I do.

Here's the workout. The goal is to get it done in under 40 minutes. My record so far is 37. I'm sure many of you could exceed this. Make sure you start a clock right before you start so you can measure the time it takes you to complete.

Round 1:

1000 Jump Ropes

50 Calories (Level 10) on the Rower

1 Mile Run (Treadmill)

Round 2:

600 Jump Ropes

50 Calories (Level 10) on the Rower

.5 Mile Run (Treadmill)

Round 3:

300 Jump Ropes

50 Calories (Level 10) on the Rower

.25 Mile Run (Treadmill)

If you're interested in what kind of stats you may get out of this, my Fitbit measured approximately 637 calories burnt, 11 minutes at peak heart rate level (85%+ Max Heart Rate), 28 minutes at the cardio level (70-85%), and 2 minutes in the fat burn level (50-69%). It also gave me 4,127 steps for the day.

Give it a try. Let me know how fast you do it.