Daily Dose of Coach #193: Staying Athletic

Age is tough to deal with sometimes. There is no stopping the inevitable. No matter how athletic you once were, the wheels are eventually going to start falling off. However, you can slow that down with a little consistency, a little luck in staying injury free (or at least major injury free), and a smart training program.

One of the principles of my program is to get people to be fitter than their age. An essential element of this principle is consistency. You have to moving and you have to keep training. I found a lot of other elements in an awesome article just written by Eric Cressey called, "10 Ways to Remain Athletic as You Age."

If you have time, read the article. But, here is a summary of the 10 ways Eric suggested:

  1. Stay on top of soft tissue work and mobility drills
  2. Do a small amount of pre-training plyos
  3. Emphasize full body exercises that teach transfer of force from lower to upper body
  4. Emphasize ground to standing transitions
  5. Get strong in single leg
  6. Use core exercises that resist both extension and rotation
  7. Train outside of the sagittal plane
  8. Chuck medicine balls
  9. Be fast on your concentric
  10. Play