Daily Dose of Coach #197: Buns and Guns

The great strength coach, Dan John, has theory about three tests that will tell you your fitness age:

  1. Can you standing long jump at least your height?
  2. Can you hang from a bar for at least 30 seconds?
  3. Can you sit in a deep squat for at least 30 seconds and stand up without any help?

He talks about the glutes as those muscles that keep us young, strong, powerful and able to stay fitter than our age. John recommends a great circuit for working on the glutes called "Buns and Guns." It's simply goblet squats followed by push ups. The key is doing the goblet squat correctly each time to properly activate the glutes. Check out my blog posts, Goblet Squat Prep and Goblet Squat Execution on how to properly master this move. The push ups must also be chest to ground and full extension of the elbows at the top, all done while maintaining a solid horizontal plank position.

Here's the circuit Buns and Guns Circuit:

10 Goblet Squats - 10 Push Ups

9 Goblet Squats - 9 Push Ups

8 Goblet Squats - 8 Push Ups

7 Goblet Squats - 7 Push Ups

6 Goblet Squats - 6 Push Ups

5 Goblet Squats - 5 Push Ups

4 Goblet Squats - 4 Push Ups

3 Goblet Squats - 3 Push Ups

2 Goblet Squats - 2 Push Ups

1 Goblet Squat - 1 Push Up