Daily Dose of Coach #180: Think On This

"Only 3 percent of people have clear, specific, written goals and plans that they work on each day. I have found that the top 3 percent earn and acquire, over time, on average, ten times as much as the bottom 97 percent put together." Brian Tracy

Having written goals is one of the most powerful things you can do. A common theme among the most successful people I've studied and have known is they write their goals out, every day. Yes, it is monotonous and yes, once you write them out for a few days you should start to have them in memory. But, the point is to drive those goals into your subconscious mind. With time, you start to become clear. All the decisions you start making during the day will gravitate towards achieving these goals. These decisions will ultimately lead to the most important thing, action. If you've never tried doing this, I highly recommend it. I try to write my top 10 goals out everyday. I'm not perfect, but when I am, it's amazing how clear I am and what I get accomplished.