Daily Dose of Coach #206: A Quick Note on Eating Better

It never fails. Every time I have an initial interview with either an online or in-person training client one of the first things they ask me is, "What should I eat?"

I used to dive into the question right there on the spot. I'd talk about all the things they already know what to eat like vegetables and proteins, and cutting out crap carbs. I would create for them an extensive meal plan as well.

But while all that is great, I've learned that just doesn't work for most people.

Yesterday, I spoke with a woman who just had a baby but also has a toddler in the house. She asked me the same question. But then she followed it with, "because I have a toddler, instead of making myself a healthy meal, I end up eating what he eats."

This just so happens to be the four food groups of a toddler, chicken nuggets, mac n' cheese, fruit snacks and pizza.

My advice has become much more simple. Follow a toddler meal with a good meal. Or in anyone's case, follow a not so healthy meal with a good meal. A good meal is a palm size of protein, fist size of veggies, cupped hand of a good carb and a thumb size of fat. Just try to achieve this most of the time.

Big changes start with making one small change at a time. Don't over complicate it. Going from a toddler diet to a full blown healthy meal plan over night probably won't work or sustain itself.