5 Reasons You Qualify for Online Coaching...


The picture above captures the diet struggle that never works. And wouldn't you know it, January 1st is one of those famous days when we decide to put the past behind us and make that change. Or, so we hope.

My mom loves to tell me about her New Years resolutions. Every year when we ask her about them she says, "I just update the year on top of the same list."

Speaking of lists, I've made a list of 5 reasons that may qualify you for online nutrition coaching. See how many of these categories you may fall into.

Qualification 1: I know what to eat, but just don't do it.

This qualifies the majority of us undisciplined folks. I always tell people if you ate what your mother has always told you to eat, you'd be fine. Online nutrition coaching is for you because unlike your mother, I'll send habits to your inbox everyday, not just threaten you with no TV.

Qualification 2: I have no idea how to eat to reach my goal.

Some of us don't have problems like overeating, skipping breakfast to binge eat at lunch, Mt. Dew habits, or bottles of wine a night. You may eat well, but not to achieve your particular goal. Online nutrition coaching helps you establish the nutritional skills and habits to achieve goals such as weight loss, muscle gain, improved performance or all of the above.

Qualification 3: I don't have time to eat well

At least 90% of people fall into this category. Being successful at providing the right nutrients for you body is just like being successful in anything else. You have to plan, prepare and execute. Online coaching won't help you find more time in your day to eat well, it will teach you to make it a priority.

Qualification 4: I just love food

So do I. Let's learn to make it love you back.

Qualification 5: I need accountability.

This is the best part about this program. I personally started the online nutrition course 4 weeks ago and the daily emails have already done wonders in changing my thoughts and actions.

Add the fact that you will be asked to mark off the lessons provided, practice your habits and answer questions regarding the lessons, the accountability is always there. Plus, I am informed of everything you check off and write. I will personally hold you accountable and coach you through this process.

For more information on the Pre-Launch Specials of my online nutrition program go www.coachjdh.com/procoachlaunch.