Daily Dose of Coach #216: Tip #3 on Goal Setting

Tip #3 is a little more of a commitment than the first two. But, I've found it to be the most important act in making goals a reality. I was first told about this ritual from a very successful client of mine, Paul Holland, who was a 36 year old multi-millionaire. I was 23 and looking for any advice he could give me on his early success. He advice was keep a notepad on your nightstand and write your goals out every night.

Seemed simple, so I did it here and there but never really committed to it. But over the years, I started to hear the same tactic done by many successful people I met and read about. I learned the purpose was to engage the subconscious mind.

Successful people think about success all the time. They consciously feed their mind with positive thoughts of the future. These dominant thoughts train their subconscious to recognize what is most important. This engages their mind further in creative problem solving to achieve their goals.

When you write down your goals daily, they start to become a part of your actions. You'll recognize more opportunities. And more importantly, you'll stay clear.

So here's how it works.

Get or find a notebook

Write down the 10 major goals you want to accomplish.

Write out each goal in the present tense.

Do this before you go to sleep or first thing in the morning.

Commit to 30 days.

Try not to look at what you wrote the day before, just write what is on your mind.

Eventually you'll be writing the same goals that are most important to you.