Daily Dose of Coach #86

In the book, The 10X Rule by Grant Cordone, he explains four degrees of action that people take.   These degrees of action determine the levels of success that you can guarantee when taking on any endeavor. 

Action 1- Doing Nothing

Doing nothing isn't just saying your are going to do something and then just sitting on your butt and making excuses. Doing nothing is an action. These are the people who "hope" things will happen.  They believe they can pray, wish and dream and let fate take care of everything. Having hopes and dreams are great, but without action are absolutely worthless.

Action 2- Retreaters

Retreaters take it a step farther than the first group.  They make a decision and start taking actions.  The problem with retreaters is they will not do the difficult things.  Instead of committing to doing whatever it takes, they look for short cuts. They start a project and as soon as they realize that it is too much work, they stop and try to find something easier to do.  They find all kinds of ways to justify it, not enough time in the day, it's not the right timing in my life, I need more balance in my life, and all the other crap.  Bottom line, is when the going gets tough, they have no interest in the battle.

Action 3- Normal Action

The author says, more than 50% of society operates within the first three levels of action (I was thinking it's more like 75%). Talking normal action is just doing what everyone else does.  They do what they need to do.  They do what's normal, average and common.  They do normal things and live with average results. They also have a hard time with seeing what it actually takes to be successful.  They underestimate the level of action and think if they just keep doing what they need to do, they'll eventually gain success.  Not true. 

Action 4- Massive Action

This is the level that separates the good from the great.  The great ones take massive levels of action on a consistent basis.  Not just a day or two, but years, decades, a lifetime.  This is where the greatest rewards live. One thing I tried to do many years ago was ask the people I looked up to what they committed to every day.  From that point, I thought if I could put myself in a mindset to do 10 times more, then I would have a chance to be great.  I continue to try and do this to this day.

Consider where you are in the four levels. If you want to be better at your job, sport, as a parent, a partner, you need to set yourself apart from what normal people do.  How do you do that? Start taking massive levels of action in all that you do.