Daily Dose of Coach #79

I used to use the word "girl push-up" when explaining push-ups you do on your knees. Later it became modified push-ups, but in habit, I continued to use the 'girl push-up" lingo. 

That was until I started to teach my young daughters how to do them.  They don't even know what a modified or "girl push-up" is because, quite frankly, I will never allow them to do one.  I think it's ridiculous that these push ups on the knees were labeled this way. Mostly, because it became a standard that it's okay for girls to do push ups on their knees! Once again, ridiculous.

I think push-ups are one of the greatest exercises ever.  However, this day and age, most people have a hard time doing them and especially doing them right.  And I'm talking about real push-ups, not modified push-ups.  In this article Push-ups for Real Strength, Mike Robertson shares not only how to do correct push-ups, but progress them as well.