Daily Dose of Coach #94

Defending Jazzercise

This weekend I received a text from an friend of mine who I had the privilege of mentoring as well.  He was interested in speaking with me about my online business and my current, "in the gym," systems I run as well.  He said, "I've seen you evolve, and I like it."

There are so many people that I've seen in my industry that get stuck doing the same things. They can't seem to get over the fact that not only does this world change every minute, but so does the industry.  They'll spend years defending an obsolete business.  And before they know it, it's completely gone. Yes, Curves and Jazzercise may still be around, but they are not thriving like they once were. It's just how life works, you have to evolve.

I read a quote that said, "If your career, marriage, job and life are to improve, you must change.  In the mirror you are looking at the problem and the solution. It begins with you making a decision.  The people who reach their potential no matter what their background or profession think in terms of improvement."

This goes for everything you do in life.  And especially when it comes to your health and fitness.  In order to grow you have to make your present and future look nothing like your past.  Anything in your history can have nothing to do with your destiny.

You're only ONE significant decision away from a completely different life. Don't be afraid to make that decision and just do it.