Daily Dose of Coach #95

Your Last Baby Carrot

It's always intriguing to know what your coach does to keep themselves in shape or how they eat.  Over the years I've had the question asked to me, many times, "What do you do to workout?"  People are looking how we're transferring our own knowledge to ourselves. Common sense would tell them that what we are doing to ourselves is probably some of the best of what we've got. I definitely look at it the same way when I'm talking to a nutritionist, dietician, or healthy food connoisseur about what they eat.

So, I found a simple but enlightening article on mydomaine.com called, 6 Things Nutritionists Snack on Daily.

Snacking is sometimes not just a difficult thing, but gets pretty boring. There are only so many baby carrot sticks you can shove down your throat before you start dreaming of the Doritos in vending machine.  I hope some of these ideas spice up your between meal eating and help keep you on the right track.