Daily Dose of Coach #98


Yesterday, I shared a podcast for those of you interested in long distance running.  Whenever doing research I'll tend to look for some of the greatest who ever did these events in the process.  Steve Prefontaine is one who I've come across a lot.  Prefontaine was a gutsy and successful long distance runner who competed in the 1972 Olympics but whose life was cut short at 24 by a car accident.

I'd like to share a quote of his that seems to sum up who he was as a person:

"A lot of people run the race to see whose the fastest.  I run to see whose got the most guts, who can punish themselves into exhausting pace, and in the end, push himself even more."

I love this.  Most people have their eyes on the wrong things when it come to success.  It's not about coming out of the gate the strongest.  It's about having the guts to continue, push yourself through, and even thrive when it hurts the most. 

Whatever goal you are trying to achieve today remember it's your guts, your willingness to keep showing up and working toward your goal that will determine if you will achieve it. Don't back down when it starts to become difficult.  Find that other level you have inside of you and push yourself even more.