Daily Dose of Coach #81

Some of you can remember back in the day when you were the first person to take off your shirt at the pool or walk around proudly in your 2-piece bikini.  You had four solid abs staring at everyone.  Some of you probably even had the heralded six.  Or maybe, they weren't exactly protruding, but your stomach was flat, or at least it was something you weren't insecure about showing off.

Then life happened, age happened, lots of non exercising happened, your job happened, kids happened, binge show watching on Netflix happened, and Wala! Those little squares on the front of your body disappeared. 

Now you say things like, "I used to have a six pack."  Or, "Underneath this keg used to be a six pack."  Or now you're just accepting of it, talking about how the Dad bod is totally in these days.

But when it comes down to it, having at least a flat stomach is an important goal to people. You may be able to get that six pack back, but this is what it's going to take:

To have anything close to a six pack males are going to have to be sitting around 10% body fat and females are going to have to be under 20%.  You're going to have to probably skip out on social situations or be the weird one or the one who everyone thinks is pregnant because you're not drinking.

John Berardi, owner of Precision Nutrition recommends the following to get a healthiest six pack possible (healthy meaning, not starving yourself to death). You have to commit to these things at least 95% of the time:

1.  Eat protein and veggies at every meal

2.  Include a healthy fat at each meal

3. Eat a small amount of carbs, post workout ONLY

4. Limit carbs at all other meals

5. Exercise INTENSELY 4-5 days per week

6. Get 8 hours of sleep each night.

So it is possible.  You just need to ask yourself if you have that level of commitment to make it happen.