Daily Dose of Coach #83

My daughters are getting heavy.  My nine year old especially.  Many nights they'll fall asleep in the downstairs playroom. When I go to take them to bed, sometimes they refuse to wake up.  So I have to pick them up off the ground, twist them around, throw them over my shoulder, carry them up two flights of stairs and set them down (very eccentrically controlled) into their bed.

If you are a parent, I'm sure you can empathize.  Deadlifting is a part of life.  We were build to pick stuff up and carry it.  But there's nothing quite as frightening to my line of vision than someone who is deadlifting in a gym and their bow-shaped back looks like it's about to snap. 

Dr. Perry Nickelston of stopchasingpain.com wrote:

Deadlifting doesn't hurt your back, deadbending does.

"Don't blame the movement, blame the way you're doing it. If you don't lift from the hips but you bend from the back, well there you go. Low backs probably gonna get pissed because it's like 'WTF dude, use your hips and your glutes! Why are you cranking on me? I'll do my best to help you out, but if you keep it up I'm gonna hurt ya."
Human beings were designed to pick up heavy sh$% and carry it. Sadly the heaviest thing most people carry these days is the chip on their shoulder.
I'm going to contend that your back hurts because you have not been deadlifting heavy sh$% your whole life

Don't be afraid to deadlift.  It's an essential part of being a human.  Just learn to do it right.