Daily Dose of Coach #113: Mastering the Stability Ball Rollout

A simple, effective, but often mishandled, anterior core exercise is the Stability Ball Rollout.  Not many people get this exercise at their first attempt. Whether it's the shoulders going without the hips, or extending too far into a lordotic low back curve, teaching points and cues are critical for safety and effectiveness.

This anterior core exercise is focused on resisting extension and maintaining neutral spine through eccentric and isometric contractions.  A standard plank is the same exercise just in a static position.  Once a plank is mastered and you are able to resist extension, you can move to the Rollout, which is just a dynamic plank.

In this Instagram video by Movement as Medicine, the Rollout is shown and simply explained.  The bullet points are:

  • The Rollout should look like a moving plank
  • Maintain a straight line between head, thoracic spine, and sacrum
  • Don't leave hips behind or allow lumbar extension
  • Keep toes dug into the ground
  • Roll forward slowly with stiff arms (initiate glute activation and hips forward first)
  • Move only to where you can maintain spinal position